Hair Couture

Luxurious, pioneering and state-of- the-art. Silky smooth textures and passion for details. Hair Couture is the signature product line that allows you to recreate the spectacular Antonio Axu salon feeling at home.

Antonio Axu

Classic craftsmanship is his trademark and the repertoire is wide. Known for his uncompromising love for the profession, and his constant pursuit of excellence, Antonio Axu has established himself as one of Sweden’s top celebrity hair stylists. Perhaps it’s the endless quest for perfection that more than anything else defines Antonio Axu, both as a human being and a hair dresser.

“What drives me is an enormous passion for craftsmanship,” says Antonio Axu.

His journey has taken him via Paris and Los Angeles, via jobs for the best in the industry and lots of competition successes and prestigious awards, both in Sweden and internationally. Antonio Axu has lived for his career. Lived for styling. Lived for hair. You might think that he’s well on the way, but in Antonio Axu’s mind the journey has only just begun. In his new concept, the celebrities’ favourite hairdresser has distilled all his knowledge and creativity into one single, exceptional styling range. The main emphasis is on innovative products with a clear link to Axu’s expertise in cutting, styling and colouring.

“Being able to launch my very own hair styling line based on my experience and my professional expertise is one of the biggest steps I’ve taken in my career,” says Antonio Axu.

The focus is, of course, on one single thing: Being best in class. As always for Antonio Axu.

”Our everyday life at the salon is my foremost inspiration – the feedback and requests we get from our customers. Architecture and the colours of nature are also big inspirations. I’m inspired by everything that’s beautiful and significant.”

– Antonio Axu

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