Antonio Axu Hair Couture

Hair Couture by Antonio Axu is a luxurious and pioneering line of hair products. The range mixes passion for details with ingenious silky smooth formulas, and cutting edge ideas. The result is inspirational and creative styling for fabulous hair. Antonio Axu has one distinctive goal with his signature product line: all products that bears his name must be either better than all existing alternatives, or bring something completely new to the market. Through Hair Couture, Antonio Axu wants his customers to be able to recreate that spectacular Antonio Axu salon feel at home.

While the range includes products for almost every hair type, a special emphasis is put on products for fine, thin hair. Needless to say, the entire product line is free from sulphates and parabens.

Axu Brush

The Axubrush Styling Brush is a luxurious collection of hair brushes developed to make styling easier, and to give your hair beautiful shine with durable volume. The unique mix of 70 percent natural boar bristles, and 30 percent nylon fibre, promotes smoothness without damaging or breaking the hair’s structure, making the brushes far gentler on the hair than brushes made of metal or plastic. Specially designed, ergonomic handles in cork make the brushes easy to use and contribute to a classically elegant aesthetic that fits in perfectly with Antonio Axu’s styling products.

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