Antonio Axu

Classic craftsmanship is his trademark and the repertoire is wide. Known for his uncompromising love for the profession, and his constant pursuit of excellence, Antonio Axu has established himself as one of Sweden’s top celebrity hair stylists.

Perhaps it’s the endless quest for perfection that more than anything else defines Antonio Axu, both as a human being and a hair dresser.

His renowned hair salon, situated on Sibyllegatan in the posh area of Östermalm in Stockholm, has become the go-to place for Stockholm’s celebrities and in-crown. The waiting time for an appointment can be several months, and customers who wants their hair styled for a wedding must book more than a year in advance. Before starting his own business, Antonio Axu worked all over the world for the best in the industry, like Alexandre Zouari in Paris and Giuseppe Franco in Los Angeles. Certainly, it may seem like his career has been a strait journey. But for a young man without contacts and money it’s not that easy. The journey from the southern suburbs of Stockholm to Sibyllegatan is anything but straight. This is something that Antonio Axu knows well.

At the age of 15, he started at the hairdresser’s academy. For Antonio Axu,
hairdressing school offered not only an opportunity to learn his dream work, it was also a way out of the suburbs. During his studies, he went as an apprentice and worked for free every Saturday to learn how to master as much of the
craftsmanship as possible. All the time, his aim was to create world-class creations. His mind was already made up. His ultimate goal was to become the best hairdresser in the business.

That same year, Antonio Axu participated in his first European hairdressing
competition in Paris. He ended up in last place, but that was nothing that deterred
Antonio. He continued to compete for many years, creating a long and impressive track record full of prestigious international awards. He became a two-time Nordic champion in set-up and color design. He finished fourth in coloring at the World Cup in Las Vegas, and no less than five times, Antonio Axu has been nominated for the Swedish hairdresser of the year award. At the age of 21 he had the great honor to do the hair of the crown princess of Sweden, HM Viktoria Bernadotte.

Antonio Axu is that type of person that lives for his career. Lives for styling. Lives for hair. His journey has been a constant battle – a fight for recognition, a battle against himself and his inability to be 100 percent satisfied, a fight against the feeling of exclusion, a struggle against competitors. You might think that he’s well on the way, but in Antonio Axu’s mind the journey has only just begun. In his new concept, the celebrities’ favourite hairdresser has distilled all his knowledge and creativity into one single, exceptional line of hair products. The main emphasis is on innovative products with a clear link to Axu’s expertise in cutting, styling, and coloring.
The focus is, of course, on one single thing: Being best in class. As always for Antonio Axu.


For bookings or cancellations, send an e-mail to or a text to
+46 (0) 76 207 93 15.

Kindly observe that cancellations must be made a full 24 hours before scheduled appointment, otherwise we reserve the right to charge the appointment at full rate.

Antonio Axu Salon
Sibyllegatan 26
114 49 Stockholm

Antonio Axu Dry Bar
Hotel Diplomat, Strandvägen 7
114 56 Stockholm

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